Contractor Frequently Asked Questions is one of the largest, nationwide websites that connects homeowners and commercial building owners with top rated service professionals. Since 2004, has matched millions of project owners with quality professionals around the United States. Because of our ongoing commitment to superior service, over the past six years has delivered more than a billion dollars in remodeling, landscaping, new construction, handyman and other improvement jobs. At, service professionals come first. Our continued commitment to providing you with the best service possible has made one of the fastest growing, dependable referral services online. Don't just take our word for it, try our service yourself, sign up free
We are not your typical lead generation service, we offer quality with our referral services and strive to make sure your business is profiting from our real-time referral advertising. We actually don't even like to associate ourselves with the word LEAD... One of our biggest key differentiators is we don't charge a contractor if he/she can't contact a referral. We are not a one service fits all provider and have multiple advertising memberships to suit your different needs.
You can find all our contact information on this page
Yes, you can register for free by visiting this page. Once you sign in to your account you can do different things including view all the referrals in your area.

We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every month on various marketing strategies which include internet, TV, radio and print advertising. Our team is a seasoned marketing team with over 15 years of online marketing experience in the construction vertical. Below are some of the marketing channels we use to get our contractors referrals. 1,500,000 homeowners a month visit our website looking for service professionals.

  • Search Engine Marketing on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. (PPC Pay-Per-Click)
  • Social Media Marketing on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites.
  • National Affiliate network with hundreds of partners that work directly with us to send project owners to our website.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) thousands of homeowners find us organically on the search engines.
  • Display Advertising we display online banner advertisements on thousands of targeted websites.
  • Video Advertising on various online video channels like
  • National TV campaigns targeting project owners across the US.

When you receive our referrals we stand behind the quality of those referrals and will guarantee it with our Contact Guarantee. Our goal is to not only deliver quality referrals to your company but also make sure you can contact referrals. If you can't get your foot in the door then you shouldn't have to pay...

To be eligible to dispute a referral under our Contact Guarantee:

  1. Contractor must have attempted to call the Project Owner within 4 hours from the referral being activated during business hours and within 12 hours outside of business hours.
  2. Contractor shall allow Project Owner up to 3 (three) days to respond.

Eligible contractors may dispute a referral within 5 (five) days after receiving the referral if:

  1. Contractor was unable to contact the Project Owner, orally, in writing, or in any other form.
  2. Referral has invalid phone number and invalid email address.
Referrals are assigned to no more than 4 contractors in total. This means if you're assigned a referral only three other contractors can receive the same referral.
Referrals are assigned to your account in real-time based off your settings under the Referrals section of your account. We don't hand pick referrals or make human decisions on who gets what. We have developed a very complex internet system that calculates referral assignments, based on many factors. The most important factor is to adjust your referral settings to what you want, this way you will receive the referrals you want in the geographic locations you desire. When a new referral that matches your settings is captured by our advertisements it will be assigned to your account in real-time. We are not a pick and choose lead service we offer a real-time referral service that delivers live contacts.
Though we are not a pick and choose service, in your account you can view the Past Activity under Referrals and all Open Referrals are available for you to manually purchase. Closed Referrals are either expired, closed by the project owner or 4 contractors have already been assigned to the referral.

When a referral is assigned to your account you will be notified in real-time. You have two options on how to receive referral notifications.

  1. Real-time email notification (subject of emails: NEW Assigned Referral: Service Type) be on the lookout for these emails it's important you contact these referrals immediately.
  2. SMS text message notification (not available for all providers - please contact us for details)

You can also sign in to your account at anytime and view your assigned referrals under the Referrals - My Referrals section.

Sign in to your account, click My Account on the top right then click Subscription and on the bottom you will see Billing Info with a link to Update your credit card.

You will receive referrals from the cities you select in your Referral Settings. It's easy to setup the service area you want to receive referrals from sign in to your account then click Referrals - Settings - Where I Want Referrals From.

  • You can select the counties within your service radius or adjust your radius up to 250 miles.
  • To get even more targeted you can select the cities within the counties you want to get referrals from.

Keep in mind, by only selecting a few specific cities you could miss out on many referrals near your selected cities.

Depending on your membership you will have different settings to control the amount of referrals you will be assigned.

If you're on the Premium Budget Membership you will be able to select a monthly budget cap which determines how much you're willing to spend per month on referrals. To adjust your monthly budget cap sign in, click My Account on the top right then click Subscription and adjust your monthly budget.

If you're on the PostPay Billing Membership you will be able to select a weekly referral cap which determines how many referrals you're willing to receive per week. To adjust your weekly referral cap sign in, click Referrals - Settings - How Many Referrals I Want and adjust your weekly referral cap there. (best return on investment is 10 referrals per week)

We have over 300 residential and commercial services to choose from. You select your service categories and then drill down to the specific services you want. For example, you can select the countertop category, but only get referrals for installation and not repair. You can change your services at anytime by clicking Referrals - Settings - What Type of Referrals I Want.

My Referrals are the referrals you either manual purchased or where assigned to you in real-time. These are the referrals you should be contacting as soon as you receive them. You will also want to request reviews from these referrals to build your online reputation.

Past Activity lists the referrals that have not been assigned to your account or they are no longer available. Typically, these are missed opportunities that could have been contacted by you if your referral settings where targeting them. All Open referrals in the Past Activity are available for you to purchase.

To change your referral email settings sign in to your account, click Referrals - Settings - Referral Notifications.

To change you blog email settings sign in to your account, click My Blog - Settings and adjust your blog notifications.

If your referral meets the Contact Guarantee requirements you may dispute it. To dispute a referral click on the referral from the My Referrals page and then click the Dispute Referral button under the Referral Options. Follow the steps on the referral dispute page and submit your dispute.

After receives your referral dispute, a representative will conduct a thorough investigation on the dispute. The verification process may take up to 5 business days. You will be contacted via email or phone upon resolution. If the referral dispute is valid you won't pay for the referral disputed.

Contractors are allowed a maximum of 3 (three) declined disputes. After 3 (three) declined disputes, may suspend the dispute privilege. Suspended contractors will lose their dispute privileges until their Membership is renewed for the next term. We put this policy in place to ensure contractors aren't abusing the dispute process.

If you are going on vacation or don't need any referrals because you're busy with work you can turn off your referral delivery up to 30 days at a time. Sign in to your account, click My Account - Subscription and turn your Referral Delivery off. You can select how many days you would like your referral delivery turned off for. We will email you a reminder before your referral delivery is automatically turned backed on.
This is a very important part to our service, be sure you complete your company profile to the fullest. Project owners will look at your profile when making hiring decisions. Sign in to your account, click My Account and complete as many fields as you can on the My Info page. It's very important to upload your logo and image and complete all your license, bonds, awards and association information. Accounts with complete profiles get hired more often so be sure to do this as a first step.
Sign in to your account, click My Account - Transactions to view all billing history. If you have been with our service before the new website release in November 2010 you can view all your old transactions on this page by clicking the link on the bottom left (view transactions before).
A Review is similar to customer feedback and very important for building your online reputation. We encourage all contractors to get as many reviews as possible. Reviews allow project owners to leave feedback about their experience with you. Project owners can leave reviews for you even if they didn't hire you to do the work. Once a referral is either closed or expired you can request a review from a project owner by clicking the Request Review button. Once a project owner has left you a review you have three options. Do nothing and let the review stay as is. Write a response to the review or Dispute the review if you believe it's inaccurate. If you dispute the review you're saying that you don't want it showing on your profile and we will conduct a review with the project owner to see if your review dispute is valid or not.
If you don't have an account you can sign up for a blogger account here. If you have an account already, sign in, click My Blog and follow the steps to create your free blog. In seconds you'll have a blog that can reach thousands of consumers! You don't need to be technical to have success with our blog tool, all you need to do is write compelling content that will engage consumers. If you already have a blog, post your content here and on your other blog that way you can pick up extra traffic. Once you create your blog you want to... Start writing blog posts that are related to your services, the more content you post the more you will benefit. Your blog will be viewable on and be indexed by the search engines. As you receive comments on your blog be sure to respond to them and engage people in friendly conversations.
You can create up to 5 free blogs and post as much content as you want.
Click My Blog and select the blog you want to post in, and then click the New Post button on the right side. It's that simple and once you start posting in your blog you will have social tools to promote it. You can edit your blog posts at anytime by clicking the edit post link on the My Blog page.
Yes, it's totally free to create up to 5 blogs and post your content.

We are not a one service fits all provider and have different memberships available to suit your needs. Not all memberships are available on the website.

Currently the Membership fee is waived for the first year for the Premium Budget Membership, PrePay Deposit Membership and PostPay Billing Membership.

To subscribe, to the PrePay Deposit Membership you will make a deposit for your referrals, the deposit amount can be between $300 to $1200. This deposit will be used to pay for valid referrals that you can talk to. The referral deposit is like a pre-paid phone card as referrals are assigned to your account we deduct the cost from your referral deposit.

To subscribe, to the PostPay Billing Membership just put a valid credit card on file to pay for your referrals. To subscribe, just put a valid credit card on file to pay for your referrals. When you subscribe there will be a $50 authorization to ensure you entered a valid credit card with funds. This is similar to making a hotel reservation, when the $50 authorization is complete the funds will be returned within a couple business days. With this plan you will pay for your referrals on a 7 day rolling billing cycle.

For all other plans please contact us to discuss your membership details.

Your billing is dependent on your membership type.

If you have a PostPay Billing Membership you only pay for referrals every 7 days from the day you activated your referrals in your account. With the PostPay Billing you have the comfort of knowing you will only being paying for a service that has been delivered, unlike other providers who charge you immediately. Currently the $49.99 annual membership fee for the PostPay Billing membership is waived so you will not have to pay this for your first year.

7 Day Billing Cycle
Referrals assigned to your account are billed to your credit card on file on a rolling 7 day schedule from the time you activated your referrals in your account. Note: If your balance reaches $100 we will charge your credit card before the end of the 7 day billing cycle.

Example of how it works, if you activated your referrals on Monday?

Monday two new referrals are assigned to you.

Referral 1: costs $10
You attempt to contact this project owner within 24 hours of receiving the referral, wait 5 days for them to respond and have no luck speaking with them, you are eligible to dispute this referral.

Referral 2: costs $5 You contact the project owner and speak with them.

Saturday you are working Referral 2 and you submit a dispute for Referral 1.

The following Monday your credit card on file is charged $5 for Referral 2 which was valid and you're protected by the Contact Guarantee for Referral 1 and owe nothing for this referral.

If you have a PrePay Deposit Membership you will deposit funds into your account in advance to pay for valid referrals. When your balance reaches $0.00 your account will automatically replenish your referral deposit to the amount set in your account.

Please see our Terms of Use
To view our referral prices click here
If we're unable to charge your credit card on file for the valid referrals assigned there will be consequences. may, in its sole discretion, report your balance to a collections agency and also report you to the credit bureaus. If you default on payment your account will be locked until your balance is settled.
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