Writing About Transgender People in Journalism
by Robert Roberts on August 02, 2017

Reporting in the media can be faced with some challenges. One challenge is the usage of terms since there are some usage policies which might lead to issues cropping up from different groups who might feel that the issues were not adequately addressed or might come off as offensive. There is a need for a journalist to be aware of the language they use. Transgender people have made a different kind of news across different boards, therefore, the need to have knowledge on how to write about them appeared. Reporters need to understand that transgender people live full normal lives and should stop making attempts to show how different their lives are since this comes off as derogatory. If you need to write such article you should talk to a transgender person or contact online essay writing problems solvers where professional writers can write the text for you or proofread your text. Check some articles on the internet such as: Transgender Persons Transgender Students Deserve Equality and Respect etc.

Inmarginalization of individuals, there are risks of the subjects being turned to victims, and this could lead to the development of psychological effects on them. Journalists need to focus on them as people who can be involved in normal daily activities such as interacting with other people and going out among other aspects of ordinary living.Journalists should also stop asking transgender people for before and after photos. If they have to, there is the need for them to do so for the right reasons or else they could find themselves facing lawsuits among other issues which might crop up. Most journalists can use such photos as evidence for them to be able to come up with an enticing story for readers.However, the same photos can be used to give the rest of the population more information about being transgender, the issues faced among other issues which might not be easy to understand about them.

The images depicted should also not marginalize them or negatively criticize them.Journalists also need to respect the subjects of the topics and avoid distancing themselves from the identity the subject has confirmed with. Journalists have tendencies of saying
statements such as she prefers being called or he would rather go by the name; which comes off as comes off. If a transgender has identified with a male name or a female name, despite themhaving been of the opposite sex previously, the journalist should use the given name and sex.Treating them as if they cannot correctly identify themselves comes off as discriminative, abusive and rude and can be faced with a myriad of issues, mostly legal from the lesbian, gay, transgender and queer community to ensure that people are not treated differently due to their sexual orientation or nature.

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