Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Luxurious Look
by Katherine Morgan on June 22, 2017

Some days ago, I had a candid talk with a friend of mine, Priyangshu, who is an interior decorator by profession. He is so passionate about his profession that he can create magic whenever he takes up any project. No wonder it was an interesting and candid conversation, which ended with a small note. He said – “never let a square footage limit your home decor choices”. This was a real inspiring line which compelled me to do something really unique with my apartment.

To be precise, as I was just planning to buy a 3 BHK flat in South Kolkata, the first thing I was worried about was the bathroom decor. I was absolutely lost when it came to the bathroom decor. Without any second thought, I kept browsing the internet and found many interesting ideas to take care of my worries. I saw absolutely gorgeous photos of luxe tiles and claw-foot tubs. They were so amazing that they seriously made me excited. I couldn’t even imagine of something so gaudy and luxurious for a room which we just use as a necessity. Had a word with my friend over the phone regarding my research on bathroom decor, to which he sounded quite cool. He asked me to continue my research and then pick out the ones that suited me the best. I did so and here goes my research as follows:


Floral Chandelier

If the apartment has a master bath then the addition of mirrors and marble would brighten the bathroom. Canopy designs and Orchard Blossom wallpaper is sure to add glory to the room. This is just not enough if a floral chandelier isn’t added. A custom-coloured porcelain branch chandelier would do wonders and completely change the mood of your bathroom.  

Tropical Reef

I had a liking towards a tropical reef background setting for my bathroom. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a similar design on the internet while browsing the websites. No wonder adding such beautiful wallpaper is sure to add a playful note to the room.

Sunny Pool House

How about creating a sunny pool house inside the bathroom? That’s what I asked myself when looking at the interior decor of the bathrooms. I suddenly thought of keeping a changing area inside the bathroom. It would be great if I could place a built-in bench, which would give an illusion of pool as well. This bench would act as a storage space for my towels and slippers.

With this, a gooseneck light fixture on the wall can be set just above the mirror.

Palm Leaves

How about beautiful wallpaper signifying nature’s beauty on the wall? A spa-inspired bathroom will always look good with palm leaf wallpaper. In fact, it would be the signature beauty for a spa room. The addition of signature hardware and fixtures will add beauty to the room.

I found all these to be quite interesting and, thus, decided to stick to these interior designs for my bathroom. Discussed the same with my friend Priyangshu, even he agreed with my decision to take up the ideas and implement the ones that I liked the most.

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