Tips for Buying Used Concrete Pump For Construction Site
by Georgia Moore on February 28, 2017

Concrete pumps are high-quality, handy, and an excellent solution to effective construction work. Even the best contractors acknowledge the toughness and make of Putzmeister concrete pumps. With all the Putzmeister concrete pumps for sale, choosing a used concrete pump can be overwhelming.

If you are finding it hard to get by with outdated construction equipment, you should look for a manufacturer or vendor-refurbished Putzmeister concrete pumps in the suitable size to choose what works for you. 

Here are some tips for buying used concrete pumps for sale:

  • Concrete pumps Required in your area:

Ensure that you have enough customers or requirement for a concrete pumper in your vicinity to make a profit. Get in touch with builders and concrete contractors (foundation and floor) to expand your customer base. In this way, you will have work lined up when you buy a used pump.

  • Arrange the money:

A used concrete pump truck can cost anywhere between $25,000 and $200,000 so you have to arrange the amount before buying the truck. If you have enough money already, that's great, otherwise, you can get a loan from a credit union or your local bank or even an equipment leasing company. In some cases, vendors can also finance the pump.

  • Concrete Pump Type:

It is necessary to choose which type of concrete pump you are going to buy. The choice depends on the market requirements and an amount of money you can invest. A used Trailer pump is less expensive but limits your work to smaller slabs, basement floors, and pool decks. A second-hand boom pump is costlier but lets you do more extensive pumping jobs. Check the boom pump length that you want to consider. The boom length can vary from 32 meters to up to 70 meters, so buy only what you need.

  • Charging amount:

Before buying a truck, find out what your competitors are charging for pumping jobs. This is necessary to get a fair idea about the price that the customers are ready to pay. Once you find out the charging amount, you can estimate the price that you will charge for similar contracting jobs. It is advisable to start with a slightly discounted rate to build a reputation. 

  • Recommendation:

When buying a used pump, research about the best concrete pumps brands. You can ask people who are already in this business to know what they use. Putzmeister concrete pumps for sale have been recommended by concrete pumping contractors. Taking advice from someone in the construction field will help you collect information about procuring accessories, pump spare parts, and technical assistance.

These are some tips for buying used concrete pumps to replace your obsolete equipment with. Buying second-hand concrete pumps can save you money but you need to earn profit from construction jobs to recover your investment. Once you have practical machinery and sound customer base, you can continue earning profits through concrete pumping services.  

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