Tankless Water Heaters: How do They Work?
by Zaine Jolly on April 24, 2017

In this day and age of aesthetic simplicity and minimalism, every single aspect of day to day lives have to accommodate the current trend of creating spaces that are aesthetically simple and minimal. There is no more room for bulky and space-consuming devices and household necessities. Even bathrooms have to be pristine and almost vacant. This is where tankless water heaters come in.

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Instead of the bulky and the high-energy consumption tank-type water, these tankless or demand type water heaters heat your water just as efficiently minus the storage. It gives you just what you need but how exactly do they work?

Boiler, Pipe and Fuel Source

Boiler, as the name implies, is there to boil or heat your water. It can befueled by a few choices such as natural gas, propane, electricity or etc. The pipes are then present to give your water a channel or a pathway for transfer. It has two ends and the first coil is connected to your cold water or your water supply. The other one is closest to your taps which gives you the already heated water.

Heating Sequence

What happens when you turn on the tap? Cold water travels through the pipes to deliver it to your unit (your heater). A gas burner or something that uses electricity then comes into play. It then goes through a series of pipes and comes out of the other end, all warmed up for use.

As it does not store heated water, it goes only a single way. Meaning, you cannot use your hot shower and load the dishwasher with your tankless water heater at the same time. This can be remedied by installing a tankless water heater for every single appliance that needs water heating. This might include hot tubs and isolated bathrooms. It can also be used for your clothes and dishwashers as well as boosting a solar panel water heating system.

There is a wide selection of the best tankless water heaters currently available in the market out there. It would be impossible not to find one that would suit the aesthetics that you need to fit your household. Although it comes with a price slightly higher than those tank-type ones, these units give you the simple and minimal look minus the bulkiness that you need, it will also deliver your heating needs for your home for a hundred and one percent.

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