Pros and Cons of Installing Wireless Security Cameras at Home
by Rudyard Kipling on April 21, 2017

Technology is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it brings in innovation and convenience, but on the other hand, it has vulnerabilities and may end up in wrong hands. Even a modern necessity like a wireless security camera doesn’t come packed with advantages solely.

Let’s look at the most common pros and cons of wireless cameras, and we will leave the choice of whether to have one at home to you.

Advantages of wireless security cameras

1. Cameras are a deterrent to crime

The peace of mind that security cameras bring in is simply priceless. This is probably the biggest and the most obvious advantage of having a wireless camera at home. Once you place it at home, you can be sure that the likelihood of thieves sneaking in will dramatically decrease. Even if you place a discreet security camera, it will let you be calm and have the peace of mind that you need so much.

Mischief-makers don’t really favour the thought of being caught on tape red-handed, so as long as the intimidating “ever seeing eye” is placed in your premises, you can be at ease.

2. Cameras let you always be “present”

Some things or people need to be monitored at all times. Do you want a couple of examples? A wireless security camera can help you monitor your toddler in the next room while he sleeps. It can also help you see how that new nanny is treating your kids while you are away. Or, you can follow if anyone uses your home-office while you are away. This is a priceless advantage, and it allows you to be home even when you are miles and miles away!

3. Cameras can be your memory-stick

A wireless security camera can remind you where you left your car keys or your identity card. You just need to know the approximate time these things were lost, and you can then trace them back!

4. Cameras are increasingly becoming more affordable

One factor that people used to consider was always the price. When cameras were still fresh news, they cost quite a lot and not everyone could afford buying one. However, today more and more excellent wireless cameras are available at a fraction of the cost you’d imagine. Because they are so affordable, it is easier to place several devices at home and increase the sense of security.

Disadvantages of wireless security cameras

1. There’s an issue with privacy

Do you sometimes get the feeling that someone is following you? Well, it may just be the truth, as security cameras are vulnerable to hackers’ attacks. When Insecam listed around 73000 open wireless cameras around the world, it caused quite a lot of controversy. The service claimed they wanted to show how vulnerable camera owners are and wanted to guard them so they made sure to change default access data for their cameras. If you are the owner of home security cameras, do follow some guidelines to protect yourself from being “watched”.

2. Security cameras are vulnerable

It’s the age of the tech-savvy, and many criminals know a trick or two. Some of them may have figured out ways of going undetected, while others may know how to disable the cameras from their power sources. Last but not least, cameras can be broken or damaged, which will give the intruders that green light they are craving for.

3. Security cameras may not stop theft

While most criminals will definitely choose another unprotected target to attack, if a crime is still taking place, security cameras have no way of stopping it, unless your camera has motion or audio detection. You will see the post-factum of a crime, and it’s not always that these intruders can later be caught.

These are the main advantages and disadvantages of security cameras. Whether to have one at home is your decision. We just want to make it clearer which points to consider so that your decision is more weighed on and you have the option which suits you best.

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Margrey Skimin on August 04, 2017 at 01:23 AM PST
I have also installed a security camera in my office , Homestead Locksmith whose office is near my office suggested to install that system for security reasons.I must say i can keep eye on everything and check which employee is doing their work or not. Everything has pros and cons , CCTV's also have but it doesn't matter to me because It's beneficial for me till now.
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