List of Colour Trends Dominating 2017
by Katherine Morgan on June 28, 2017

Do you have a plan to invest in an affordable residential property this year? Then go ahead now because this year will be the best time to play with different shades of colour. In fact, we have a list of ideas to share with you. Interior experts say that in comparison to the earlier years, the colour trends are the best and every homeowner will simply go gaga over it. Pick up any paint of your choice and start experimenting with it in your new home.

Here are a few suggestions for you from our end:

Windsor Pink

Browse the internet and you will get to learn about the colour variants for your living room. We have found out millennial pink for you to make your living room look cool and exclusive. If you haven’t tried the pink shade yet, then it is the ideal time to go for it, because every time you won’t get a new home to try your choices.

Inner Glow

The best thing about the 2017 colour trends is the ‘sunny room colour’, which is trending again after a long time. Interior designers say that yellow shade from the pale butter to dark mustard are in high demand now.  You can use this shade for both your wall and furniture decor. We would suggest you to implement this idea in your kitchen.

Courtyard Green

This year trend also talks about the bluegrass green shade for the floors other than the deep emerald. It is said that this colour is apt to create a vintage decor with perfection. In order to compliment the look, all you need to bring in a few vintage-style furniture pieces to your rooms especially in your study room.

Acidic Green Apple

When we are talking about the colour of the year, what that comes in our mind is none other than the eco-friendly paint. To create a perfect eco-friendly set, you can certainly use light shade green paint. It is called the acidic green apple shade that looks sophisticated yet at the same time not that serious which you might think. To compliment the shade, add in the English style furniture to your rooms.

Black Chiffon

Lately, Black built-ins have popped up mostly everywhere. So, why not try it for your new home today? If you plan to design your new apartment in a stylish way then we would suggest you to invest on an affordable residential property. This will balance the whole thing.

When you are giving your room the black chiffon look, then remember to add gold overhead light, which will create a complete different ambiance together.

Hope, the above-mentioned list will be helpful for you to plan out the design and decor for your rooms. Each of them has its own beauty, so do not waste your time. Buy an affordable residential property as soon as possible and implement these ideas.

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