Is It Possible To Prevent Large Human Stampedes?
by Georgia Moore on March 21, 2017

The large human stampedes are often the result of lax and improper crowd management. The caretakers or the authorities fail to address the minor and major issues related to the management of a large public gathering. It is quite possible to prevent the large human stampedes and eradicate or reduce the loss of both life and property, by taking the requisite measures beforehand. Below are some ways that will help you deal with the menace the next time you organize or have to look after the arrangements of a large scale event.



1. System Approach

The system approach is based on learning and understanding the whole situation and its allied aspects. The lessons that are learned from one field are applied to the others.

2. Knowledge Of Allied Topics And Familiarity With Them

Those who have studied the theoretical concepts like operation research, fluid mechanics, networks and the like are more aware of the assembly line and queuing functions. These principles (related to flow and movement) can be used to manage traffics and can also be applied towards the management and control of the crowd. For instance, if the inflow is greater than the outflow, the crowd volume is going to rise until the infrastructure breaks down. If the crowd is efficiently managed (through the crowd control barriers and other items and tools), so that there are an equal number of people entering and exiting given area, the crowd would not go berserk and there would be no eventualities and accidents.

3. Pre-Planning

Pre-planning of events that are going to witness a large crowd gathering also aids in the prevention of accidents and fatalities. The place where the event is going to take place should be studied in detail, and aspects noted in order to plan the event successfully.

4. Weather Forecasting

It is not impossible to forecast weather and weather changes today. A rainfall at an undesired time would take a heavy toll towards the patience of people, and they might start to flee the place in mass, thereby causing a stampede. All provisions should be made to ensure that no weather changes are going to affect the event gathering negatively.

5. Avoiding The Impact Of Turbulence

Human mass movements would have a certain amount of turbulence. If the crowd moves in a uni-directional manner, there would be a greater balance and optimization. Wherever necessary, proper barricades should be created so that the multi-directional crowd flow easily gets accommodated and there are no untoward incidences.

6. Use Of Infrastructural Tools

There are a number of crowd management infrastructural management tools available today. Barricades, queue markers, signage, volunteers and the audio and video announcements ensure that the people get the required information at all the times. The concept of zoning is also useful. The creation of the buffer, turbulent, and normal zones, among other classified areas, further helps in the assigning of the required crowd-management volunteers, technological equipment and other tools and items in a specific and useful manner.

7. Monitoring

Monitoring is also an important aspect of crowd management. With advancement in technology, it is now easily possible to monitor every nook and corner of a given area, without even being physically present. The CCTV cameras can be easily linked to the control room, and all revealed information can be used to have an efficient implementation of the aspects and revisions of the plan.

The focus should more be on the prevention of the accidents and mishaps, and lesser towards relief, rehabilitation and damage control. The mere sight of the volunteers reduces panic and hysteria amongst the visiting crowd. The modern tech tools further enhance the communication and monitoring aspects. Timely coordination of all the allied activities ensures that no errors occur.

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