How to Make Your Apartment Guest-Friendly?
by Eldeco Group on February 06, 2017

When you buy a 3 BHK flat and if you are planning to live with just your partner, you can always convert one room into a guestroom. With the isolated dwellings that have become so common today, many people opt to start a nuclear family. However, nuclear families also see a lot of their extended family and if you are expecting guest all throughout the year, then having a guest room is a perfect alternative than cramming up everyone in the same room.

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Decorating Your Guest Room
A guest room will reflect on your living style so it is important for you to decorate it properly. Many people try and give their guest rooms a lavish makeover and if you are thinking the same, then here are some tips that will come handy for you.

  • Go for a small glass chandelier in your guest room to add an effect of elegance. Armchairs are always an option but a definite addition if you want to add an air of sophistication to your guestroom.

  • You can also hang a painting by the headboard and go for a floor lamp instead of a table lamp. Always go easy on the colour of the room and ensure that whatever decorative pieces you add to the room complements the room.

  • If you want to add a vintage feel to your guestroom, then go for bed curtains and a similar pattern on the walls to match the Victorian era or any other era which you have a taste for.

  • You can always get creative with the design of the furniture and other elements of the guestroom.

  • Wooden designs are always in trend and they make a room look more relaxed and calm. This can work for you if you are looking for an earthly look for your guestroom.

  • All white or all grey is also a great idea for a guest room. Ensure that you put all the elements and decorate the guest room so it does not look plain.

  • The upholstery and the linen of the bed are also other elements which you can get creative with when designing your guestroom.  

Some people also like to add a fireplace in the guest room and if your apartment has a room big enough for the same, then you can go ahead with this idea. However, do not overdo your guestroom at any cost as that can be a huge turn off for any guest.

Infuse all the layers and elements of your guestroom properly with the decor and the colour of the walls to make it elegant yet comfortable enough for your guests.  

Greater Noida is a city which is developing at a rapid rate thanks to the various educational institutions and other places of interest. As such, many young people are making this city their home and there are plenty of residential complexes coming up in Greater Noida. And, if you too are looking for a 3 BHK in Greater Noida, go for the best developer or realtor in town. Once you’ve purchased your dream apartment in Greater Noida, you can easily convert one room into guest room.

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It is the main question for many owners. Make your guest house cozy and friendly, it turns out, not all.
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