How To Improve Lighting Throughout a House
by Lolita Di on March 22, 2017

Not everyone thinks about it, but the type of lighting you use throughout your house can make the difference between a great-looking home and one that just looks sub-par. No matter what kind of furniture you have or decorations you placed around, your lighting is going to make or break the style of your home. And this might not even be your fault! Most houses and apartments for rent already come with less-than-ideal lighting. If you’re one of these people who haven’t put enough thought into your lighting fixtures, it’s not too late! There are easy tips down below for how you can improve your lights.


Think about the scale.

There’s a lot more to lighting fixtures than just the light they give off to a room. You should also think about the size and scale of the light you want. Sure, it might be perfect for a room to just have a small lamp on the table. But if you want to add another focal point to a room, think about adding a big lantern or a large floor lamp. These larger fixtures are going to add that extra layer of depth that your home might need.


Add a dimmer option to your lighting fixtures.

Depending on the time of the day, you might want less harsh light throughout your house. You’d probably rather have the option to dim down the lights a little in the evening. The good news is that there are tons of options for installing dimmers on the lights of your home. When you add a dimmer to the light, you can automatically shift the mood whenever you want.


Always include three types of lighting in a room.

There’s a rule that you should remember whenever you are working on your house’s lights. You should always include three types of lights in one room: the general light (ex: an overhead light), the specific light (ex: a table lamp), and the ambient light (ex: a couple of candles on the table). This is going to balance out the room you’re working with and give you various options for lighting. This rule is used in many luxury apartments like The Conrad to improve the aesthetic, so you know it’s one you should follow.


Determine the right shade.

This is a piece of the lighting equation that many people don’t put that much thought into. A lot of homeowners will just throw on a white shade to lamps or other lighting fixtures because it’s the easiest to match with. However, this might not be the best option for your specific home. Whenever you use white shades, this is going to give off a colder light into the room. Try to play around with different colors and hues. Depending on which one you choose, the light that’s given off by the fixture could be more creamy or more warm. It’s up to you and will largely be determined by the existing style of the room!


The lighting you use in your house is going to make or break the aesthetic you’re trying to create. Make sure to put plenty of thought into this before you make your final decision. 

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