Evaluations Needed Before Beginning a Solar Installation Project
by Sven Herzog on February 20, 2017

There are many reasons that businesses decide to have solar panels installed. One of the biggest is so that they can claim they are a green company. Once you have committed to going solar, finding the next steps may seem challenging. You may already know what to expect from other types of construction projects. However, having solar panels installed may be a new experience for you and your business. It is important for a business to consult local commercial solar installers before the construction process to install solar panels begins.


Prior to beginning the process engineering and designing the commercial solar work needed for your commercial property, it is important that you and the solar provider you have reached a clear understanding of the attributes pertaining to your site. This means that the physical attributes, legal attributes, and electrical attributes all need to be looked at. By making sure that you and your provider are equipped with this understanding, you are ensuring that you are both protected because everyone involved understands all of the different elements that can have some type of impact on the solar installation process.



It is critical that your site undergoes a physical evaluation. A physical assessment can be anything from the primary visual inspection that takes place to having a more detailed analysis conducted on the geology and structure of the site. The type of physical evaluation that is conducted is going to vary based on the type of installation you are looking to have done. No matter what kind of physical assessment you need, it is a critical step in preparing for the process of solar installation.



You also want to make sure that your site undergoes an electrical investigation. This investigation is going to include the drawings that were created by your organization's structure when it was built. This is simply a record of any construction that has been completed on the site up to the point that you are reviewing the record. Using this analysis will assist in the identification of how to best tie the solar power system to the electrical grid. More times than not, this stage of the investigation process is going to involve a detailed electrical audit. This audit will serve as the base for making the decision on where to place solar conductors.



There are also various legalities that are going to need to be taken into consideration as well. First of all, title reports and other types of surveys are going to be requested by the entity installing your solar panels. They use this information in order to find whether or not any liens or another type of issues exists with the property. If your property has no issues, it can help guarantee that the solar installation project will be conducted without you having to face any legal challenges.

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