Electric Garage Heaters: A Tool To Keep Your Garage Warm During Winter
by John Dean on April 08, 2017

Many of us use our garages for more than housing our cars. Football season is going on, and a good friend of mine converted his garage into a workshop/football hangout. He has his power tools and flat panel TV in a nice set-up. I've seen other people use their garage as their personal office or even an extra bedroom. This is a great set-up during the warmer months of the year, but as winter comes along, using your garage for these other activities can be difficult. Let's be honest, its freezing in there since there is little to no insulation. If you plan on using your garage during the winter months, an electric garage heater can make it comfortable.

If you're looking for an electric garage heater that will do the job, you'll need to find one that outputs around 17,100 BTUs. This is more than sufficient to heat a 500 square foot garage. These standard garage heaters have a built in thermostat to control the heat management as well as the thermal trip safety feature that shuts down the unit automatically if it begins to overheat.

These portable electric heaters are very easy to install and are able to be mounted to a ceiling bracket. If you decide to place it on the floor, make sure there aren't any other objects nearby and its out of peoples way.

The Dayton electric garage heater series are the most popular models on the market. What sets them apart from the other garage heaters is that they are lightweight, portable, have a built-in thermostat, variable power settings, and finger proof steel intakes in all of their models. The highly recommended Dayton g73 model heats 500 square feet, has an auto shut-off feature to avoid overheating. If you're looking for a little more bang for your buck, the Dayton 120v also offers radiant and convection heat, operates quietly, and distributes heat throughout the entire garage evenly.

Another option you will want to research is electric infrared garage heaters if you need an ultra portable heater. These heaters output about 1500 watts which is perfect to heat a room from 500 1,500 square foot garages. It's also great for other areas that need a portable heater that offers a focused source of energy.

All of these electric garage heater offer an affordable and simple solution to staying warm while you enjoy your garage during the winter months. However, you want to keep an eye on your electric bills since you'll be using your houses electricity to power your electric garage heater. If it's costing a too much to heat your garage with an electric, it's a good idea to switch to a propane garage heater. Now get out there, set up your garage heater and enjoy your garage.

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