Buying a Log House for the Garden
by Shiraz Kahn on April 22, 2017

Who hasn’t gazed longingly at those Scandinavian style log cabin and log houses, and wishes they had one in their own garden?

Suppose we were to tell you to stop dreaming, and instead get to work planning and designing how you can have your own log house?

Would you think it’s impossible, or would you listen to what we have to say - and believe us - when we say it’s no longer a pipe dream?

Not only will we show you how you can have your own log cabin, but how to go about planning and choosing your very own log house.

Without further ado, here are four reasons to consider buying a log house for the garden.

Only the best materials

Whilst you may not live in Scandinavia, the fact remains that one needs the best materials for the particular climate for the log house.

For example, in Ireland - which can be a harsh and damp climate - all log houses and cabins would need to be designed for environmental protection, including:

-       extra window seals

-       end trims

-       damp proof membranes

-       sealants

Experience of completed projects

If you were thinking about buying a log house for the garden, what would be the first thing you would think of?

Surely it would be to choose a log cabin designer and builder with years of experience, across several thousand installations, and a bulging back catalogue of satisfied customers?

Why settle for a cheaper, poorer quality provider when you can buy with confidence and reassurance when your log cabin company can furnish you with an abundance of satisfied customers and testimonials?

Guaranteed quality

When you’re considering buying a log house for the garden, you need to know that your purchase is protected. Look for a log cabin and log house provider that provides a guarantee for their work, such as a minimum Ten Year Guarantee.

With a log cabin and log house provider that only uses resilient materials with excellent longevity of wood, you’ll be reassured that your dream log cabin will last for generations to come.

Customised solutions

One of the very last things you need when buying a log cabin for the garden is to be sold a standard solution. Every garden is different, as if every buyer, and their needs will only be truly satisfied with a log cabin that is designed to fit their needs.  

Whether it’s size - such as a simple one room log cabin to a large, stately family sized multi-room log house, why would you not choose the dream log house that you truly need?

A large, experienced log cabin provider and manufacturer will likely also have clearance models that will save you money when purchasing, in addition to providing bespoke larger log cabins.

Look for a log cabin provider that will always strive to exceed your expectations, and your dream log house will give you years of satisfaction and pleasure.

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