Backyard necessities in 2017
by Tahir Ismail on April 12, 2017

Nowadays, backyard trends are completely different than they were some 50 years ago. There are much more products on the market and sometimes, we tend to get swarmed with all these offers.


This makes shopping much more complex and difficult. Sometimes, it is really hard to tell whether we need some item or is it just another whim.

So, we decided to make a list of items/constructions that your backyard can benefit from. Have in mind that this list doesn’t revolve around trends; we will mention things that can benefit you in the long run and that will likely remain relevant in 20 or 30 years.


1.Water barrels and water tanks

Our forefathers used water barrels to collect rainwater. As global society became wealthier, this concept was abandoned. People saw barrels as something that can disturb your idyllic backyard design. But, in this time of limited resources every drop matters! This can be also seen in behavior of different governments as they slowly shift to higher water prices. Rainwater barrels and tanks are great for collecting the water. They will save you a lot of money making you completely independent in the process.

2. Solar panels

Another idea that will last for a while is installing solar panels. These panels can either be placed in your backyard or on the roof of your house. Have in mind that if you have a larger household or agricultural surface, you will definitely have to consider installing more of them. In other words: put them in backyard. Same as water barrels and tanks, panels are something that is largely supported by different governments. And for the same reasons of course. The only thing you need to consider is how many sunny days you have within a year. This is something that can have enormous impact on your production. Nevertheless, even if you are in a bad region, you will still be able to save a lot of money with panels.


Most people see pools as a luxury. This is the case only if you’re not using it. Pools are really fun and great for kids. But, they have another enormous benefit. You can swim in them. What do I mean by that? Well, swimming is one of the best aerobic activities and great alternative to running. People who had issues with knees or legs know that and are likely to go swimming as it exerts less pressure on our joints. Anyway, having a pool is also a bit question of trend as everybody is trying to be healthy. But is that actually a bad thing? The only issue here is the high price for pool, pool pumps and other parts that you’ll have to get.


Here is a good alternative to panels. Unlike panels that tend to occupy your whole backyard, windmill has rather narrow basis allowing you to place it almost anywhere. Besides this difference in positioning, there is another major factor that needs to be considered. Basically, windmills are much more suitable for windy area and households that are directly exposed to wind. The wind has to hit windmill directly in order for energy to be generated. So, based on this, you can either choose to go or panels or windmills based on your local situation. Anyway you put it; you definitely shouldn’t miss on a chance to generate free, natural energy.



There are so many smart things you can do in your backyard. This area doesn’t have to serve your personal whims or to be empty. Instead, you can get various things that will augment your household making it more self-sufficient.  


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