A Guide to Plumbing Maintenance in Homes
by Simon Hopes on July 10, 2017

Having at least one family member with enough knowledge about plumbing system maintenance may work best for the whole household. It will save the family money from hiring a plumber, too. Plumbing services cost around $150 to $450, and that’s just for the basic repair job. Thus, learning how to monitor and take care of your own plumbing system can definitely help.

A problem in your plumbing system is often avoided with regular maintenance. If you don’t have any idea how to monitor the system, you can start by learning the following:

Insulate Outdoor Pipes

Insulation is very important for your pipes, especially during winter. Pipes freeze under cold weather condition, and a frozen pipe may take half a day to thaw. Frozen pipes can explode when neglected, too. If you don’t want to block the flow of water, you must use an insulation.

Note: Repair costs for an exploded pipe can cost more than $500 as it requires total pipeline replacement.

Enzyme-Based Cleaners are Better

Enzyme-based pipe and clog cleaners are safer to use than traditional cleaners, which contain harsh chemicals. Chemicals found in typical clog cleaners can damage the pipelines over time, forcing you to spend more money just to replace it later on. On the other hand, enzyme-based pipe cleaners liquefy the solidified substances and sludge thanks to its natural bacteria. Thus, it will just affect the source of the clog, but not the pipes.

Repair Leakages Immediately

One sign of leakage is the formulation of damp spots on the ceilings. The spots can also be on the walls and floors. Once you notice these spots, you have the choice to repair leakages yourself or contact services such as the plumbers in Perth. Professional help is more recommended for graver leaks.

Avoid Draining Grease and Oil

Keep your grease and oil away from the kitchen drains. Oil, fat, and grease tend to solidify inside the pipes since the temperature there is lower. Never think about cleaning the pipes if you’re used to throwing oil down the drain. Cleaning the pipes will take a lot of time, and that terrible habit can cause permanent damage over time.

Don’t Drain Hair Away

For men who often shave, never flush the hair down the drain. Hair may not cause as serious damage to the pipes as compared to oil and grease, but it may easily clog the pipes on your bathroom sink. Always throw your hair in trash bins.

Apply Strainers to Your Drains

Always apply strainers on your drains, particularly in the kitchen. According to a plumbing statistics, most of the clogged pipes that plumbers repaired are from sinks that don’t have strainers. Strainers can filter liquid and prevent large debris such as food crumbs from going down the drain. They can also filter oil and grease to prevent serious clogging problems.

Final Thoughts

Aside from these basic tips, always remember to get your plumbing system regularly checked in order to identify potential issues.

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