A Guide to Hiring a Tele-Handler
by Simon Hopes on April 14, 2017

The dynamic element of hiring a telehandler is the vast choice in size and manufacturer available. When you get a construction job on the go there are many factors the project manager must consider before hiring a telehandler. Access to the ground works and the size of the construction are all key when considering the hire.

The wide range available within the fleet allows the project manager to select a plant size, ask the hire company whether there is a telehandler to suitably fit and thankfully get an answer back that will inform those welcoming words, “yes, we can do that.”

Even if the plant size does not appear within the hiring company’s web pages, it is often not a problem that the hirer will source one – possibly from a third party – and make that size available to the construction project.

The most common reach lengths for telehandlers are the 4/6, 7, 10, 12, 14, 17 and 20 metre machines. The construction industry is an ever-changing one, so hiring companies should be able to act dynamically in producing machines suitable for new projects.

Construction and project costs need to be kept at a minimum for accounting purposes, so hiring a telehandler is always a better move financially, as opposed to buying new or used machines. If you are involved in a similar construction project over a long period of time, it might be a good idea to invest in buying a new or used machine, rather than hiring. But these instances are the exception rather than the norm. Trench digging projects are an example of ongoing similar work in the construction industry but when we look at, say, housing development project, factory unit building or renovation works, we often find a construction project will need to decide which size telehandler to use. And this can vary wildly from job to job.

The smallest telehandlers are the 4/6m machines which are ideal for small yards, industrial unit building and renovation and a dynamic capability for manoeuvring around tight corners or limited spaces.

In the middle of the telehandler range is the impressive 14m version which can lift loads of up to 4000 kilos and reach heights of almost 14 metres. At the top end of the scale there is the 20 metre range reach. This machine can still lift loads of up to 1500 kg without safety being compromised.

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