A Guide to Hiring a Spider Lift
by Simon Hopes on April 13, 2017

Sometimes in the construction business, we just need to go higher. Taller buildings, high-rise apartments and flat complexes are booming everywhere across the United Kingdom and a machine that can reach heavy loads safely to long heights are much in demand.

Spider lift vehicles are so-called because of its resemblance to a spider. Its legs splay wide and cover a large area, needed to prevent the machine from toppling over. The spider lifts can reach heights ranging from 11 metres to as high as 42 metres.

Spider lifts with under 20 metres are often used in high stacking warehouses or for three-storey homes where roof tiles and gables need to be lifted safely for the summit of a development. Spider lifts can be wheeled or tracked – the difference being that wheeled lifts can move and tracked lifts generally lift from one safe and set position.

Higher Access is a company with the nation’s largest fleet of spider lifts and it can often resolve difficult construction projects with machinery that will get the job done, despite any space limitations, demanding locations and challenging working areas.

Spider lift hire is a little more involved than you might expect. If you were to hire a power tool or a simple construction plant device, it would be hired, used and returned. Spider lift hire involves surveyors to assess the construction site beforehand, determine which loads and weights need to be lifted, instruct whether any clearance or ground work needs to level off first and looks at whether a wheeled or tracked spider lift is best for the task at hand.

Higher Access therefore supplies site surveyors who can properly assess the best machine for the job. Safety and health accreditations obtained by the hiring company are paramount when you hire a spider lift. International Standards Organization certificates are required by industrial law when hiring out such delicate and difficult-to-use plant.

Many spider lifts and cherry pickers come with a number of essential accessories – these items can also be hired along with the machine. Fortunately, spider lifts and smaller cherry pickers are simple to use and come with intuitive control systems.

Many spider lifts are also easy to repair on site, so there is no need to send the machine back to a repair centre every time there is a malfunction and the battery operated lifts are easily rechargeable overnight.

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