A buyer's guide to stylish outdoor furniture
by Nick Howard on August 12, 2017

Designer Outdoor Furniture – Many people treat the garden as another room to their home interiors, using it more in the summer months than perhaps they use their lounge or living room. There’s such a wide variety of outdoor furniture available on the market, but most of the cheaper products look just that – cheap, and inferior.

Why designer outdoor patio furniture?

You wouldn’t put a tatty old sofa in your living room, or a second hand bed in your bedroom, but many people are happy to put up with cheap generic brand plastic furniture next to the various planter boxes in their garden… only to have to replace it year after year when it breaks or wears out. Paying the extra for a premium brand, top quality, sturdy piece of furniture is really more cost effective in the long run – there’s truth in the old saying, “buy quality, buy once”.

Luxury and comfort

Crafted out of the finest of materials – teak, aluminum, stainless steel, and glass – modern designer outdoor furniture really gives your garden the wow factor. Guests will be entertained in style and comfort, and your summer parties will be the talk of the neighbourhood.

The range of outdoor designer furniture on the market today is so wide there will be a style to suit your tastes – from the traditional wooden bench, to a modern contemporary outdoor sofa, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. 

What should I look for when buying designer outdoor furniture?

As with anything “designer”, you’re paying for a premium product – your furniture should be well put together, sturdy, and finished to perfection. It shouldn’t be unusual to expect a warranty to cover the furniture against any problems with the craftsmanship and build, and this warranty should last at least a year.

If you’re buying the furniture online, where some of the best deals can be found, be sure to factor in the delivery costs to the final price when you set your budget. Furniture is big and heavy, and will always attract a premium delivery charge. Check with the seller what their terms are if the furniture is delivered damaged or not to your satisfaction in some way – it’s always wise to check the delivery when it arrives, before you sign for receipt of it. Also, if you need to carry the furniture through any tight spaces to reach your garden, check with the seller for the measurements of the items to be delivered – designer outdoor furniture may look great in your garden, but not so much when it’s stuck in your hallway!


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