7 Home Office Ideas That Can Boost Your Productivity
by Nate Vickery on February 23, 2017

Having your own office right at home is a great success and the utmost comfort. However, there is a high chance of becoming too relaxed while working, since your home atmosphere surely does not match the one at work. This can be a plus in some situations, but you need to stay focused on your work. There are some easy tips that can encourage your productivity and keep the distractions to a minimum, and you should try some of them. 

Use Your Favorite Colors

The greatest benefit of a home office is that you get to use the colors you actually like, colors that affect your mood positively. You will no longer need to look at dull beige, pale green, or any other color that bores you. Some of the most popular colors for home office are pastel ones with a few contrasting details, but you should choose the color you like the most. After all, colors do affect our mood, so we should be surrounded with those that calm us but provide no distraction. 

Let the Sun Inside

Most people place their desks in a corner far away from the window. However, the only thing you can manage to achieve by doing this is recreate a corporate cubicle. That certainly is not the way to encourage your productivity, so place your desk near the window. Place it parallel to the panes and enjoy all the benefits of natural light. Even though such a view might distract you every few minutes, this distraction is actually healthy and your eyes will thank you for it. 

Ergonomic Rule

This rule says that the computer screen should be at eye level, the keyboard should be placed in such a way that your forearms are parallel to the floor, and your feet should always comfortably lie on the floor. Following that rule, you should invest in a quality chair with great back support, and adjust it to the right height. Moreover, you should opt for an adjustable desk which offers the flexibility of choosing the right height and even working while standing up, if necessary. This will give you the chance to stretch your legs and back a bit, without having to stop the work.  

Comfy Space

A good thing about home office is that it offers the possibility of having some personal, comfy space. You can do all the work at your desk while at the same time having a comfortable chair, coffee table, and some big colorful pillows in the corner which can create a perfect reading zone. Here you can relax when it is the time to take a break, sip your coffee, or simply take a quick power nap before going back to work. Knowing that you have a comfort zone in your own office can make you more relaxed-you won’t stress out and endanger your productivity. 


You don’t want to waste time and energy on searching for your supplies around the house. Keep everything you need right in your office. All the pens, staplers, stamps, pencils, scissors, and everything else should be near you. You can even consider placing a small fridge or a coffee maker inside and enjoy your beverages without getting distracted. However, never eat your meals in the office; you do need some breaks.

Decorate with Plants

Plants bring many benefits to the table. They make us happier, they filter the air, and they can significantly influence the whole atmosphere of the room. Bring your favorite flowers and plants inside and decorate your home office. You will instantly feel the atmosphere change, and you will be more relaxed and ready to commit to your job. 

Keep the Tech Updated and Functional

The biggest cause of stress and lack of focus can be dysfunctional technology. As we all greatly depend on technology, your home office should be well-equipped. Make sure everything works properly and that all the computers, printers, and routers are properly connected. Never hold onto your old devices and always keep things upgraded. Also, protect your computer; have the antivirus installed and all the information and data backed up. You don’t want to waste time and money on fixing your devices and retrieving data. Rather keep your technology up to date so you can always be sure that nothing will stress you out. In order to be productive, you need to feel good and happy in your office. Rely on these tips and you will manage to reduce your stress level and even replace it with a feeling that will encourage you to work even harder.

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Steven Finch on March 02, 2017 at 09:01 AM PST
Great suggestions! I also believe that a fresh coat of paint can instantly lift the mood in an office and enhance productivity.
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