6 Secrets to Folding a Fitted Sheet
by Rudyard Kipling on February 26, 2017

If you’ve always struggled to fold your fitted sheets, you’re not alone. Many homeowners drag them out of the dryer, fight with the awkward fabric and elasticized corners together, only to shove the whole sloppy mess onto a shelf in the linen closet of their home.

fitted sheets for bed

Sound familiar? Loads of people seemed to have skipped this all-important laundry day lesson from their grandmothers and are instead taking to the Internet to try to figure it. Hit Google up for this particular search query - how do you fold a fitted sheet - and you’ll find over two million advice-givers offering their step-by-step take on this particular skill including Martha Stewart, the home-making diva, who struggled to do it perfectly on her own T.V. show.

So, without further ado, here are the ultimate six secret steps to folding a fitted sheet so that you too can accomplish what might seem like an impossible dream: fitted sheets turned to stacks of organized, tidy squares in your own linen closet. Print this out and pin it to the wall in your laundry room and your linens will never be messy again.

  1. Make sure that you fold your sheets - and all linens, actually - when they’re still warm from the dryer in order to avoid wrinkles. 
  2. Believe it or not, fitted sheets have corners but in order to perfect the fold, you have to treat those corners both like corners and like pockets. With this in mind, begin by turning the two corners of one of the sheet’s shorter edges inside out and slipping your hands inside, under the elastic edge, in order to emphasize the corners.
  3. Then, bring your hands together (right to left) and fold the outer top corner pocket over the other.
  4. Shake the sheet so that the bottom is lined up and run your hand down the elastic edge to find the third corner. Pull up that next corner and fold it over the two corners that are in your left hand.
  5. Finally, fold the last remaining corner over the other three so that all of the corners are pocketed together.
  6. Using a flat surface like a bed or a laundry table, lay down the folded sheet, straighten all the edges and fold the sheet once again, into as small as square as you want.

Once you’ve mastered these six steps and this complicated, sometimes frustrating task, take a break by tackling a little bit of rocket science - it might in fact be easier!

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